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First shot!

I am beyond grateful to have gotten my first shot of covid vaccination.

I can only encourage you to get it done as soon as you can. I understand if you hesitate. Fear is human. How can we be so sure it’s gonna be effective? But think about it before you decide not to. The 100% risk-free factor doesn’t exist anywhere. Every day a certain number of risks are looming over us, but we take our chances to cross a street and trust that the drivers are gonna drive safely, we get into a car and trust our own driving and the others, we live in apartments and houses we trust to be safe, we get gas, water, power services and trust that it’s all safe... and so on.... But the risk that something happens is always there.

Same here. I trust and am beyond grateful to the whole system put in place, from the researchers who came up with the vaccine, to the first people who tried it and helped us understand the efficiency and the risks, to the governments that put in place the vaccination centers and all the volunteers, soldiers, doctors, emts, nurses and everyone making this possible.

I got my first shot of Pfizer today at the Javits center in NY. That was an incredible experience especially in this giant place where they were expected to give 9000 vaccines today. It felt like we were in one of those science fiction movies with all the soldiers showing us the way, keeping it moving, and tables spaced out for nurses and emts to give us the shots. It was so well organized! (And I heard that now there is even some live musicians playing in the post-vaccine waiting area, where you sit down 15 to 30mn to make sure you have no reactions)

For New Yorkers with underlying conditions, check out the list, you might be eligible.

This day gives me hope.

Hope to travel and see my mom again soon. I haven’t seen her in person and hugged her for a year and a half!

Hope to see my family and my friends again.

Hope for a new normalcy to be back soon. Yes I know it will never be the same. We have to keep the safety protocols in place even with the vaccine. Our new normal. But the more of us get vaccinated, the less the virus will propagate and kill. Covid vaccine is not a political act. It is not a religious act either. It’s a collective act against one enemy: covid-19.

Let’s beat this thing together.

In 3 weeks, I’ll get my second shot.

#grateful and beyond




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