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Perfect Chaos...episode 10

My name is Perfect...

Here is to one project completed in my #writerslife

This is a short movie I had the FUN of writing, editing, directing and starring in in less than a week!

​Totally #stayathome approved, Perfect Chaos episode 10 is part of a Set Apart Pictures chain movie, a concept where every filmmaker takes the story over from where it was left off and takes it further...

I'd like to highlight the fun fact that I made it during the worldwide lockdown, and I kept way beyond the 6 feet requirement with my screen partner, Joshua Charles Dawe: we stayed 10,353 miles apart! Just that! From NY to Melbourne…

Filmmaking post-covid by Mars… :)

So that was a fun challenge and I hope you enjoy it as much I did making it.

If you like it… you know the protocol… like, comment, share :)))))

Story: In a global panic, the artificial intelligence turns our devices into antagonists manipulating us toward our own destruction...

Special Thanks to G’s Spot, Don Riemer, Joshua, & Anthony for their participation and help..




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