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Climbing the famous steps of Cannes’ Red Carpet...

2010, January, My first time…

…Climbing the Steps of Glory of Cannes’ Red Carpet in a period dress! With the cast of “Mozart The Rock Opera” for the glamorous French NRJ Music Awards!

Stepping on the famous red carpet in my period dress...

2010, I’m part of the cast of the French hit musical “Mozart The Rock Opera”, directed by Olivier Dahan (Ma Vie en Rose…). The success of the show and the songs get us nominations in several categories in the annual biggest musical event in France that happens in January…

…2010, with the cast, we are all getting prepped and made up at the hotel. We will go in character. We have a performance on stage and Live on TV! (And there will be Beyoncé, Rihana and other prestigious names!!)

So I’m wearing my character’s huge period dress designed by Gigi Lepage, my modernized period hairstyle, and my pink long eyelashes….

I think I can say for all of us, it was very emotional and iconic, to step on that red carpet.

It seems like a mess, but there is a very organized protocol: we get in the black-windowed-James-Bondy cars from the hotel, just literally a few steps away!! That’s protocol! (And well, I won’t complain, it was not hot in January! And our dresses were only warming up the legs haha!).

(I took those pictures from my phone the following year - this time I thought of it! :P)

We went back home with 3 awards,

including best ensemble cast!

The moment that hit me the most was getting out of the car, and the overwhelming clamor from the fans, the public and the walls of photographers. It is just incredible! Hard to remember everything we were told then… Thankfully our producers and PRs are with us. And there we are… stepping on the iconic red carpet, leading to the famous steps (la montée des marches in French) to the mythical Palais des Festivals (which translates in English to The Festivals’ Palace).

I was all tears...

On each side of the large red carpet, literally a wall of photographers! We recognize some familiar faces from Paris other events. They call our names. We pose, we smile, we tense, we tear up… Living the dream! One side, then the other. Then we have to go up. “But they’re still calling our names!”… Yes, but that’s the way it is, everything is timed, there are other artists coming up! Protocol!! ;)

We start then the walk up. I grab my dress, in my heels… Not the moment to fall! And step after step after step… 24 steps… We are up there, at the entrance of the Palais. We turn a last time before getting in… A unique view of La Croisette. We can’t really see the Mediterranean Sea… Too dark, it’s night, but we can see a sea of people, endless…

Seconds that I photographed and printed in my head… in my heart, like a freeze picture with all the emotions that go with that moment.

And I did cross paths with Beyoncé...

We went back home with 3 awards, including, best ensemble cast!

We got changed after the live performance, and we went upstage receiving our awards, with absolutely no preparation, no speech, no words… Everything was so new and unexpected for us. Mikelangelo, who was playing Mozart in the musical, did a good job at improvising and expressing our gratitude… Me, I was all tears in my dress by Stephane Rolland!

And I did cross paths with Beyoncé (and Jay-Z) who loved my look! Just saying - not bragging haha! :P And no I didn’t take a picture! I was too emotional that day to get all my head in my shoes. Haha!

So that was my first time in Cannes in all its glamor and glory… A day to remember forever….

Dreaming of Cannes Film Festival...

I am still dreaming of my first time for Cannes Film Festival. It’s another thing, another event to which I’ve never been yet. Even though I have been invited to go there several times, to hang out, to network, to perform songs… honestly… I’m a little bit like a prude virgin here, waiting for the wedding…. still hoping that one day, I’ll have a film to present there, a short, a feature, whatever it is… I may be really naive, and I may never see that day, or I may just end up going one day, but for now, I'm patient and I'll keep the dream going...

Stay tuned for my next post - I will share with you more pictures of behind the scenes of the Palais des Festivals!


Photos: All rights reserved. Special thanks and shout outs to all the photographers and press agencies that make these moments immortal.




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