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Army of Love, animation musical tale

On this special day celebrating love, and for any other day... because Love is all... I wanted to (re)-introduce “Army of Love”.


Follow these mini-cloned soldiers of love, in the quest of Ox and Xo, frozen in their love story...


Army of Love was one of the two first projects I produced under my own production Made in Mars Studios, in co-production with Baghera Films.

The song was originally published in French by Polydor-Universal Music on my third solo album A La Recherche de l'Amour Perdu (In the quest of lost love). The English version was published later under my own label Made in Mars.

Back in 2007... I was blessed to be recording my third album in London. I had composed some melodies on a music production by the alternative British duo Pressure Zone. But somehow... I got stuck. No lyrics would come out... for nine months! Yes nine months! Of course, I worked on other songs, returned to France for a little while... Then back to London... As we were getting closer to completing all the songs, and cutting the ones that wouldn't make it on the album... on my trip to the studio, in one of those red buses with two levels... Sitting at the front upper level, staring at the horizon, London became blurred... and replaced by another vision. A vision of myself in the ice, falling into pieces... those pieces were mini-me's, like fairies or cloned soldiers, with one mission: retrieving the lost lovers, frozen for hundreds years in their love story. I could see them running in the ice... like an Army. Yes! That was it! The Army of Love! That was the song. I could already see the film unfold in my mind before I even started to write the lyrics with my co-lyricist (and mother) Lilas Klif.

Later on, I wrote the script for the music video that became a special project, very close to my heart, and I co-directed it with the super talented animator Thomas Gueriguen.

Above is the English version, that is also available on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes....

Below... check out the French version... si vous parlez français 🇫🇷

Hope you enjoy it.

Don't forget to celebrate love... every day... ❤️





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