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Mars on the Moon…

Saturday, January 18 2020, 2 months and a half after my foot injury, 3 weeks after I started P.T, as I was leaning my crutches along the wall to crawl on the yoga mat to transcend my pain and practice my daily PT exercises… my body took literally control and took its (I mean MY) first step of the year without crutches!!!

I didn’t intend it. It just happened. I can’t explain it as I can’t explain how shocked I was, in the happiest way of course! It’s just amazing how we are made. How we are so much in our head that, not only we take things like walking etc… for granted until it’s taken away from us, but also that our body has much more will-power than our head… I just loved and will never forget that sensation. It makes me feel like a baby with a consciousness of body movement, relearning to walk and inhabit my body. I’m not walking yet, and still need crutches, but I can take a few clumsy steps without them, and I call that FREEDOM! I feel grateful for this incident that makes me discover body and life from a new perspective called PATIENCE and ACCEPTANCE.

Current Feeling: over the moon! That’s one small step, but a giant one in my healing process. For those who were reading my blog, I have been quite MIA on this new-born blog. I have dedicated my time to my body. I’ll step back (no pun intended) into writing and will overwhelm you soon with some new posts…




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