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The Universe is Stronger than Google

Be careful what you wish to know, the Universe is more powerful than Google and always gives you an answer!

My first quote! That’s a quote of my own words! OK, I did it! I quoted myself but who’s gonna do it otherwise?

In case you didn’t have a chance to read « My Nightmare Before Christmas » tale (and if you are tempted to do it now (since it’s a pretty cool title, isn’t it? It sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It’s a Tim Burton classic! I just added a little personal touch with the word “MY”, not to make it intriguing, but because that was MY own nightmare that happened to me before Christmas, and it was a REAL nightmare, like with eyes wide-opened, not those nightmares you have at night, while sleeping), well, go ahead and read it, you have nothing to lose, and I made it easy: the title is underlined since it’s a hyperlink, so if you click on it, you’ll be redirected to it. Smart and easy, huh?), then you missed that memorable moment where the quote, “Be careful what you wish to know…” came to my genius mind!

It’s not that I needed to give myself another nod… (or maybe I did), but also, I wanted to share with you the warning the Universe gave me (isn’t that what we are supposed to do as humans help each other, share our lessons and experience of life?), because honestly my tale is so long that, even if you took a second to drop an eye on it, there is still a chance (or misfortune in this case) you didn’t read the whole thing, and therefore you still might have missed it, or skipped it. So, let’s focus on that quote of mine. And let me give you, first, some context:

I had a home accident about 4 weeks ago (I swear to God it seems like it’s been 4 months already!!!), long story short: deep 4-inch laceration, I ended up transported in an ambulance to the E.R, 20 stitches, screams, trauma…, a horrific experience, (if you want the long juicy version, you can still click here: « My Nightmare Before Christmas »)… and it just happened that two days before that accident, I was doing some research on Google about…??? (can you hear the drums rolling in your head?) E.M.T!!! Yes! That exact thing! I was writing an intense scene for a script and needed some more information about that world. I was wondering how long they take to arrive, how many people come to your assistance, what kind of injuries and cases they transport to the E.R… Honestly, I was really satisfied with Google’s answers, but apparently, to my shocking surprise, the Universe was not! I know that there is a big competition between Siri, Alexa, and Google… but now the Universe too?… I can hear the Universe’s little voice (depends how you hear the Universe’s voice, I hear it quite sharp, girly, or maybe more with a gay man’s flair. What?! The Universe can be gay too. I actually have never thought about the Universe’s sexuality… I was just hearing a voice from the Universe saying to me: “Uh-Uh Girl! Suck it up! You need your own REAL experience!”)

As an actress, writer and singer-songwriter (among other artistic things that I do, and I may be doing too many things, but that’s another debate…), I’ve always been willing and opened to share and put my own experience in the service of creating a character, a song, or a story etc. But I had never pushed myself to actually live the experience my character would go through, in such an extreme, bloody and horrific situation! A method we use as an alternative is the magic “if.” For example, I may ask myself What if blah blah blah ….. And to be honest, for this scene I was writing, I was ok with a What if and with Google’s answers… So, what I understood through this experience is not only that: “the Universe is more powerful than Google and always gives you an answer”, but if you dig deeper behind this genius truth…. doesn’t it mean that the Universe is always listening? ……………………….……………………….. (A lot of dots = my way of conveying a deep-thinking silence. An Aha moment.) ……………………….………………………..

That’s deep. That’s scary. Or is it hopeful? Wait! I just had a terrifying thought for a second: it probably lasted more than a second as I had time to imagine a whole bunch of images and scenes… (Now I’m whispering and feeling paranoid) What if it was all Google? Oh-My-God! What if it was a new technological conspiracy? Have you noticed that when you research something on the internet, you then see advertisements all over the place for those same items you just browsed, right?! What if Google went further now? Hmmm… (scratching my chin) I think I just might have nailed the concept for my next science fiction/dystopian story (I’m writing a series of short stories in a dystopian future (future… I hesitate to use that word because I sort of feel it’s already our present).

OK, so let’s just think about it (still whispering). I do some Google research on E.M.Ts and 2 days later I am in an ambulance??? What are the odds? Does Google have the power to break a mug, and have a piece fly into my foot?(that’s how I got my laceration, but YOU would know that if you had read my tale: « My Nightmare Before Christmas »)

So, lesson learned: I’ll start researching more about magic, miracles, fast healing, and also booking juicy roles on TV/Film and writing my script ideas in 8 days. Did you know that Frank Darabont wrote The Shawshank Redemption in 8 days? OK, it was based on a Stephen King’s story. But still! Sylvester Stallone wrote Rocky in 6 days! And those scripts are so universal, so heart-breaking (You have to see me in tears at the end every single time) … Anyways, “Universe, hey, Hi! I am in your little secret now… I know (and appreciate) that you’re listening. I’m doing some research on Google. You see me? You hear me? No! I’m not taunting you! I’m just saying hi, waving at you with a big smile… and hope… I can’t wait for you answer!”




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