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So long Esther...

You are now somewhere dancing with the angels, I will celebrate that dance, but forgive me if I have some tears.

I fell in love with you as soon as I met you back in January 2019. Not that long ago! You were 88. And you opened your arms to me with tears and hope. The loneliness at that age, when the family is away, when sickness is taking control over you, when your eyes and your ears are betraying you and not letting you see or hear so well, when your memory plays those evil games with you, when your body is not as it once was... I know, it’s maddening.

Quickly, your humor, your voice, your smile, your words, your cuteness, your craziness won me over. I couldn’t help but love you like my “American” grandmother, even though you are (hard to say “were”) really Canadian.

We were waiting for the spring, we were waiting that I would be fully back on my feet and walk again to go for your so-loved walks and eat one of those delicious pistachio pastries you made me discover in the West Village.

My dear Esther, I will miss your voice, I will miss your smile, I will miss our walks, the ones we did and the ones we planned on (this woman could walk 50 blocks effortlessly! I used to walk behind her and ask her to wait for me!), I will miss your jokes, I will miss your wisdom, I will miss our emails... I will miss so much of you. But I will cherish our memories, you will always hold a warm place in my heart and my thoughts.

The irony is that Esther beat this a$&*% of covid-19. But, she was fighting an other disease before, and her victory over covid-19 left her so weak... she left our world, I hope, for a better place.

Here is for you one of the sunsets I watched after visiting you at your home in the West Village, NY.

Bye bye my beloved Esther...

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