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Notre Dame De Paris

My eyes and my heart are burning with tears... for Notre Dame de Paris.

When I was 16, at the Lycée Louis Le Grand, I used to have 1 hour free from 10 to 11am every Monday, I would secretly run down rue Saint-Jacques, with my heavy backpack filled with my class books (we don’t have lockers in France), I would cross the bridge, say hi to La Seine, it would take me about 10 minutes or so and I would rush in the arms of the only Lady who knew how to listen silently, respectfully, with no judgement only love, how to wipe my tears, hear my prayers, or give me hope, lit by hundreds of candles and others’ hopes... Somehow I would always feel better. Regenerated. I would leave « till next week » and I would find my classmates who had used that free hour their own way... Notre Dame was my secret sanctuary... my secret friend... Our Lady, You have always been there for me, my prayers now are for you.

*** Originally posted on FB on April 16 2019




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