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Creativity in the kitchen...

Lately I’ve dealt with a sort of screen-overdose… the 21st century worst ailment… and an unplanned covid-side effect…. Safer at home, we are all stuck with our computers, not realizing how they can impact our health.

When I say overdose, I mean it in a literal physical way. It has forced me to take some time off, some time apart with my computer (💔😢) and screens, to rest my eyes, heal and fully reset. For me who was writing on my computer everyday, it felt like a little death… I couldn’t write, I couldn’t post, I couldn’t connect, I couldn’t read (ALL my books are on my iPad!!!)… What was left to do in these covid-stay-at-home-and-stay-safe times?…. Cooking! That’s how I transferred my creativity... in the kitchen. Now you can call me Chef Mars hehe! 👩🏼‍🍳

First of all, I’m not allergic to gluten. And I’m very thankful about that! I grew up in France, and my most cherished ritual is walking by our traditional bakeries when the warm bread comes out of the oven, buying that baguette, sprinkled with flour, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, eating half of it on the way home, unable to hide my guilt with the flour all over my clothes and face...... Aghrr… I miss that…

This being said... I’m in the US... and the bread here is... you just can’t compare. So I go off gluten on long periods when I can, just as a healthy habit, for more energy and better skin.

And so... I made those oatmeal muffins that are gluten-free. I don’t know if I can say they’re sugar free, I should, since I didn’t add any sugar not even the syrup suggested by the recipe. But there are fruits inside which come with their natural sugar.

I improvised this one made out of apple with oatmeal, almond milk, an egg, some drops of vanilla...

Delicious? Hum... so given that I didn’t add any sugar, for it to be indeed delicious, I just had to add some fresh pineapple chunks. And... yummy! I just indulged myself to the healthiest muffins on earth... or Mars.

Cooking being an art that vanishes quickly in the abyss of the stomach, I decided to take a pic to immortalize it and share some pride. Hihi. Maybe inspire some of you to eat sweet AND healthy?




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