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Better Late Than Never…

Better Late Than Never Postcard (Artwork: Made in Mars Studios)

I was served by a wonderful weather (after a month of rains in LA!!!), which allowed us to finally film BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, a script I wrote and rewrote soooo many times (and still think of a couple of rewrites I could do :-S). This is the first script I ever wrote for another director to take over and bring his vision on. I usually direct my own projects. Words seem so lame compared to the intense gratitude I feel for our talented multi-national award-winning director Marco Bottiglieri and our producer Ashla Soter who made it happen and to our crew and my co-star Sam Lucas Smith part of this project.

I also need to thank Olivier Ciappa, Katya Mokolo, Christophe Deroo, and James Kacey for their help and contribution in the origins of this project.

BETTER LATE THAN EVER: Wisdom Tree, L.A, California. A young woman receives a mysterious invitation to peace from her estranged father hoping to reconnect. A young man celebrates a birthday, alone. The two strangers meet…

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER still, starring Melissa Mars & Sam Lucas Smith

*** Originally posted on FB on March 2019




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