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Better Late Than Never


NEW FILM PROJECT: “Better Late than never”… 

"Olivier Ciappa is a star in France! He is the photographer of an amazing and successful exhibition for which he brought together the greatest French and international artists (Eva Longoria, Melanie Laurent…) in "imaginary couples" to bring a new peaceful, family-feel and intimate look on homosexuality. 
He also co-created our new Marianne French stamp printed on 15 billion copies!!!!!!! 
He is also a writer, a director ... an artist with a capital A !!!

13 years ago, we met in Paris with the desire to work together… But our careers took off, we lost touch… and ... Los Angeles ... Is it really a coincidence? Our roads crossed again 13 years later !!! Better late than never!! The desire to collaborate is now even stronger.

I’ve been writing myself for a long time. Songs. Stories. Scripts. And Olivier happened to read and love “Better Late than Never”, a short film that I wrote. I have the honor and joy to star in my own script under the direction of Olivier Ciappa. A first for me!"

Post by Melissa Mars - April 25 2016 - www.facebook.com/melissamars

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