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Updated: 10/11/2016
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The multi-awarded movie Virtual Revolution will be in theaters in France starting october 12! The science fiction cyberpunk feature film... Read More
Curse of Mesopotamia is NOW available on iTunes and Amazon in the U.S and Canada!! Melissa is the evil Queen... Read More
Melissa just released her new reel including her scenes alongside John Travolta, Vinnie Jones... and a new scene from Curse... Read More
Interview for the French movie website Mulderville. Melissa talks about music, movies and the festival Paris Art and Movie Awards... Read More
Melissa Mars has been honored and pleased to be a JURY MEMBER for the 2016 edition of the Paris Art... Read More
Watch now TYPE Z, a pilot of a digital series in development... Melissa Mars is SA-CHA, a DJ, supposed to... Read More
Melissa can speak Arabic (among other languages: English, French, Spanish, German...) and she shows it in this movie scene where... Read More
Melissa Mars just wrapped the feature film TEXAS ZOMBIE WARS now on post-production. CLICK FOR MORE PHOTOS... Read More
NEW FILM PROJECT: “Better Late than never”… "Olivier Ciappa is a star in France! He is the photographer of an... Read More
Melissa Mars's New Action Reel. And the fight begins... Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Markswoman...... Read More
Melissa Mars had her first voice over experience for the French version of upcoming feature "Weightless" starring an amazing cast:... Read More
French National TV channel featured a fashion photoshoot in L.A with Melissa Mars, in the portrait of the photographer Emmanuelle... Read More
I WILL RISE available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify... Get now the 2 tracks: Acoustic + Survivor mix, a trip hop... Read More
Curse of Mesopotamia is buzzing in all the press: Al Jazeera, Paris Match... among others, it will be released worldwide... Read More
Check out the amazing photos of Melissa Mars on stage in Mozart The Rock Opera, the concert: http://bit.ly/MORLC_photos... Read More