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Updated: 11/20/2015
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Melissa Mars joined the cast of VIRTUAL REVOLUTION, a cyberpunk feature film set in Europe, in 2047, in a world... Read More
eOne presents 6 WAYS TO DIE - , the movie is now available on DVD, VOD, Amazon prime... The action... Read More
Melissa Mars is in the cast of the feature film TEXAS ZOMBIE WARS. More pictures on the movie facebook page:... Read More
Check out Melissa Mars's interview with Dr Elena Eustache. Now available online on youtube and www.drelenaeustache.com... Read More
Melissa Mars hosts a radio show for first time on LA French radio, a radio for the 200k people of... Read More
Melissa Mars just wrapped the movie THE LETTER RED, a thriller feature film inspired by Shakespeare's Macbeth themes and characters,... Read More
Lionsgate presents "ASSASSIN'S GAME", the movie is now available on DVD, VOD, Amazon prime... Melissa Mars plays Ruby, a badass... Read More
Release of The Cabining!! The multi-awarded horror comedy (Melissa Mars also got a best supporting award for it at the... Read More
Melissa Mars is the winner of the best supporting actress award at the FANtastic Horror Film Festival for her role... Read More
Melissa Mars on the cover of the French magazine Numéro Chik + 16 pages of Fashion editorial! Online + Print!... Read More
Who is Cosmopolitan's geekette of the month? Noone else than Melissa Mars, talking about her favorite electronic device, her playlist,... Read More
Check out the amazing photos of Melissa Mars at Mozart The Rock Opera, the concert: http://bit.ly/MORLC_photos... Read More
For french readers: Melissa Mars answered fan questions during a live chat of the national newspaper 20minutes. You can read... Read More
Melissa Mars is in the newspaper "The News Herald" for her Beautiful song.... Read More